Full KVM Virtualization, Windows, Linux . Complete Control

1024 2048 4096 8192
½  Core  ½  Core 2 Dedicated Cores 2 Dedicated Cores
 1x SnapShot Backup  1x SnapShot Backup 1x SnapShot Backup 1x SnapShot Backup 
Free Server Monitoring Free Server Monitoring Free Server Monitoring  Free Server Monitoring 
1024 MB Dedicated Memory 2048 MB Dedicated Memory 4096 MB Dedicated Memory 8192 MB Dedicated Memory
20 GB SSD Raid10 40 GB SSD Raid10 80 GB SSD Raid10 100 GB SSD Raid10
2 TB @ 1Gbps 3 TB @ 1Gbps 4 TB @ 1Gbps 5 TB @ 1Gbps
1 IPV4 1 IPV4 1 IPV4  1 IPv4
 IPV4 rdns Management IPV4 rdns Management IPV4 rdns Management  IPV4 rdns Management
20Gbps DDoS Mitigation  20Gbps DDoS Mitigation  20Gbps DDoS Mitigation 20Gbps DDoS Mitigation 
 $3.50/Month  $7/Month  $10/Month  $25/Month
Dallas  Dallas  Dallas Dallas 
Los Angeles  Los Angeles  Los Angeles  Los Angeles


 Free Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring is a ready to be deployed uptime monitoring solutions This product allows you monitors your web site (s), POP3, Keyword, FTP protocols, Blacklist Check and all custom ports 24/7. Read More 


Maximum Server Uptime

Server uptime is critical for all businesses - consider it the heart beat of hosting your business. File and databases servers, email and web servers are an indispensable part of most business processes, and downtimes have direct negative effects on productivity, sales, employee and customer satisfaction. That's why ensuring the maximum server uptime is so important to us - we want to make sure your business processes are running healthy so your customers are happy.

By trusting us with your business needs, we promise you a 99.9% uptime on any services we provide, outside of any standard maintenance we may provide.



Multiple Locations Data Delivery

Our services are powered by hundreds of servers and data centers located Dallas, Texas - Central USA and Los Angeles, California- West Coast USA, so you can rest easy knowing that customers can access your website from anywhere.

Our dedication to customer support reaches across the globe as well. We are here to help you with your hosting in any way possible, and you can reach us via phone, email, or live chat.



DDoS-Shield Mitigation

Rest easy knowing that we provide 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. You take protecting your customer's data seriously, and so do we. Our security team and safeguards are on the job all day, every day to provide the level of security needed in today's digital age.


  • DDoS protection of up to 500 Gbps attack
  • Ideal for game servers like Minecraft, Counter Strike, Spigot
  • Comes with free 20 Gbps DDoS protection. Upgrade options include 40 Gbps,  Gbps, 50 Gbps, 100 Gbps and 500 Gbps
  • Use advanced filtering tools to completely block protocols like UDP with anti DDoS firewall.
  • True Layer 3, 4 and 7 protection
  • Block DDoS attacks such as HTTP floods, DNS flood, DNS amplification, NTP amplification, SSDP amplification, IP fragmentation, SYN flood, UDP flood, TCP, application layer etc


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