SBox 250

1 CPU 15% core
1GB Dedicated RAM
1Gbps Uplink burstable
1 IPv4 Address
Only 3.50$/mo.

SBox 500

2 CPU 40% cores
2GB Dedicated RAM
500 GB SAS Raid10
1Gbps Uplink burstable
1 IPv4 Address
Only 7$/mo.

SBox 1TB

2 CPU 50% cores
2GB Dedicated RAM
1TB SAS Raid10
1Gbps Uplink burstable
1 IPv4 Address
Only 15$/mo.

Built VPs

Up to 4 cores
Up to 8GB Dedicated RAM
Up to 4000GB SAS Raid10
Up to 2Gbps Uplink burstable
Up to 20TB/Month
1 IPv4 Address
Starting 3$/mo.


Powerful Servers

Powered by E5 Intel® processors along with fast Enterprise SAS Drives provide you with predicable high performance.

Fast Connectivity

Our services are located Dallas, Texas - Central USA and Los Angeles, California- West Coast USA, so you can rest easy knowing that customers can access your website from anywhere.


High-capacity,high-speed server!

24/7/365 Monitored

24/7/365 Monitored via secure Monitoring system is a ready to be deployed uptime monitoring solutions Blacklist Check and all custom ports 24/7.


20Gbps DDoS Mitigation, Friendly Services.
Free 5 Minutes Server Monitoring + Blacklist (Email and SMS alert).
Custom ISO Available (Windows , linux etc.).
/64 IPV6 up on request.
IPV4 rdns Management.
Private Internal Network.
Yes we do support IPV6 and Private Internal Network with IPs.
All Storage are comes with Raid10 and SAS enterprise hard drvies.

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